The actors, staff, and management of Legends of the Fog work hard to ensure that everyone who enters has an enjoyable experience.  In order for this to happen, we ask all visitors to follow all of our rules and regulations.

We reserve the right to deny or revoke admission to any customer that is not following our rules, which are also posted throughout the property.  No refunds will be provided if you are escorted off our property.  Egregious offenders will be barred from attending any future events.


Legends of the Fog utilizes the latest security technologies to monitor our event and everyone who comes through. Your image and/or voice may be recorded while on our property.


Guests will not touch any actors, staff, or other guests. This includes touching with objects, such as a stick or prop. STAFF WILL NOT INTENTIONALLY TOUCH YOU.


Guests are not permitted to gather in large groups that block walkways, access to attractions, or otherwise impead pedestrian traffic.


In accordance with Maryland Law, Legends of the Fog is an alcohol, marijuana, and drug free event. This includes the attractions, midway, queue lines, and parking lot. If you are found to be in possession or under the influence of alcohol and/or marijuana (even if you are over 21) or any other mind altering substances, we may ask to you leave the property.  We recognize that marijuana is now legal, but Maryland Law still prohibits the use of marijuana in public areas and businesses, including outdoors events.


We invite you to take pictures / video while in the non-attraction areas. This includes the midway, our entrance, and queue lines. Capturing video or taking pictures while going through the attractions without written approval of Legends of the Fog management is strictly prohibited.


We pride ourselves on being a family friendly event. While we understand that in the heat of the moment you may utter words that would not make Mom proud, we ask that you strive hard to be careful with your use of profanity.


You must stay seated while riding through the hayride. Do not exit the wagon unless instructed to do so by staff. Do not attempt to grab actors, props, corn, or anything else that you may encounter during the hayride. Do not throw straw.


Stay with your group! Do not hold behind or sneak ahead without guidance from our staff. Do not attempt to grab actors or props. Do not attempt to modify, damage, or steal property.


While you are permitted to keep your cell phone with you while at Legends of the Fog, we ask that you please keep it on vibrate or silent mode. While on the hayride or walking through the attractions, keep your cell phone in your pocket.

Keep the flashlight on your phone OFF! The light can ruin other guest's experience and temporarily blind you and/or our staff.

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